São Bartolomeu Mountain, Nazaré


São Bartolomeu Mountain, Nazaré

Classified has Biological Interest Place, São Bartolomeu Mountain, Nazaré is important for its geological, natural and historical interest.

Also known as São Brás Mount, it has magmatic origin and you will find it in the famous Pinhal de Leiria (Leiria Forrest), having unique samples of animal and natural life.

Both names (São Bartolomeo and São Brás) represent saints connected to the Legend of Nazaré, and in consequence to the foundation of Nazaré.

You can walk trough it and you will certainly agree with us that this is an excellent place to enjoy nature with you family and friends company.

Monte de São Bartolomeu, chapel, Nazaré


There is also a small chapel that you should not miss. Every year, in February 3rd there is a profane religious event in honor to São Brás.

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